Starting a new Challenge Series - ‘Factory Spec’- no tunes or builds - just go buy the car and run 'em ‘as is’ ;]

First up - '04 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR

Nurburgring Stage D - Target time - 2:35.734

Not many of you, if any, have posted times in Stage D/Class B - so new PB for all ;]

Fresh Series Design is required and is available for download at my storefront ;]

Let’s start with this one and see what others in the series will be ;]


After about 5 runs, I came up with 2:35.050.

This is my PB.
I will upload my Replay

Excellent run, TC :+1: Thanks for starting us off :wink:

1st fast shot with the Lancer
i had 3 attempts, fastest one was a 2:30.974 - replay on store
Pics will come with the 2nd shot if i have to improve my time
I think some of you can break the 2:30
Very nice challenge logo, Kool

Dagnabit , i made a run and am about to post my time when i see a paint is necessary : (

I will run again . Just ignore the 2:32:600 on the LB

My own fault for not reading the FULL post i guess

DANG, Titus :flushed: Another fast example for us to chase :wink: Excellent run indeed :+1: Thanks for the logo props :+1:

Have no doubt in my mind, V that your painted Evo will be just as quick :wink:

Thanks for joining in guys :wink: I think we’ll have some fun with this series of Challenges - will be using cars that we haven’t touched in Challenges yet :+1:

Hi, please count me in. Nice stage but I’m useless in this car… :smiling_face:


Very nice run Titus.
Thanks for the replay.

One last try last night with a 2:34.100.
Trying to break

New paint job seems make the car about a second faster . Ran a couple of dirty 31:5’s . Got a cean 32:03 on the board atm but can def get a few more tenths outta the new paint :slight_smile:

2:34.767 - pb on the leaderboard :slight_smile:

Such fine margins when trying to find those extra tenths . Uploaded replay named Factory Spec onto my SF . I know i can get another .5 out of it , its just putting it all together in one lap thats eluding me .

Hi Folks,

after a lot of dirty laps I got a clean 2:31.716 it is my PB but there is also a replay in my SF.
Titus that is a really fast one! :fearful:


Thanks Thomas, but I wasn’t satisfied with my time…
Here is my final result for round 1
2:29.991 - replay on store

Even had a short try with the S2000 at Stage C and i have to say that the Honda is really tricky
I did not accomplish a decent run

What’s up Brian? Do I even want to know where you have been, or what happened to the EVO?

Ha Ha!!! :slight_smile:

Hey, what’s up guys?!?

Thought I would poke my head in to make sure you guys haven’t forgot about me! :slight_smile:

I made the run a few times, nothing official yet, still can’t get the paint to really put me on the board.

Anyway, I got 02:34.721 with the EVO.

Awesome to see you guys are keeping The 4 alive! Keep it up Kool. :slight_smile:

Excellent run, TC :+1:

Appreciate all your effort, V :+1: Great run with this post :wink:

Thanks WG :+1: Always glad to have you back :wink:

Thanks, Thomas :+1: Appreciate your time to join in :+1: Great run :wink:

Smokin fast as usual, my friend :+1: Thanks for the pic and time to post

You’re on the board, bud :+1::wink: Big thanks for coming back and joining our small crowd of FORZA fun :wink:

Hi everyone! My time with the Evo → 2:29,450. I have better time on leaderboards with it but i did it with other design :frowning:

Kool, it’s Official now!!! :slight_smile: Replays are uploaded and everything!!