TBH - I went onto the LB’s to see how it ran . After 5 or 6 laps i was a few secs down wondering where on Earth i could find the seconds i need to even meet your time never mind beat it !!! . . I just started pushing and pushing the car till i EVENTUALLY got the times to come down . Next thing i knew im in the high teens ! ! ! . After that , i just kept on going till i finally beat your time .

Great wee car btw , cant wait to see whats next on the list .

Glad to hear it ain’t hate :wink: Great job and thank you for all that effort :wink: No sweat beating my target times :wink:

Actually, just turned a few laps in the next car :wink: Another barn burner , I’m pleased to report :wink:

Hello together, E class and speed, that’s funny. Nevertheless i gave it a try even because of the paint - LOVE IT, very tasteful Kool !!!
I managed a 1:04,140 on Lap 3, with your tune, replay on store
And i build a faster Version, which is round about one second faster, maybe a nice Lobby car !?!
Tune is uploaded on my storefront for the guys who wanna try
Greetz from Germany, so long …

Thanks, MBD :wink: Glad you like the logo/paint :wink: Excellent time :wink: I will be trying your tune out for sure :wink:

Speed 1 - 1:05.779 on lap 10 - replay is posted

Nice and shiny paint… I couldn’t find a rust spot anywhere :wink:

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There’s the CC ;] Thanks, CC - excellent time and nope…no rust on these ones ;]

I received my replacement MS wheel today with both shifter paddles in tack and proceeded to test it out to get used to shifting down with the left paddle.

10 minutes ago I finished on Iberian Reverse with a personal best of 1:05.221 on the 5th lap of my uploaded replay.
The wheel is a little tighter in the steering shaft.

That tune must be great. All we have to do is race.
Or maybe because today, April 15, is my Birthday!

Here is my car
Speed 1A

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOY ;] New PB ;] AND a new toy !!! great day to be the ‘TomCat’ ;]


I still don’t feel like playing Forza, but I’ll be posting on the forums here and there. ; )

Happy Birthday TomCat! : )

Happy belated Birthday !!!

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m really enjoying this car/tune/track combination. Took me a little time, but I managed 1:05.450. I can’t seem to remember the lap number right now, but it’s listed on the replay.

I also took some snaps while I was out there:

Thank you Kool, I always look forward to your events!

Have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile:

AWESOME shots, URDA ;] Thank you ;] This really is turning out to be a fun little ‘rocket’ ;] Great time ;]

Good little car managed a 1:04.325 on lap 10
Great design Kool, thanks!

Thanks, Jazzy :wink: Excellent time :wink: Thanks for joining in :wink:

My best lap so far 1:08.137 lap 8 of my replay.

Um…Kool?? Post 34. :slight_smile:

…my bad :confused:

GOT IT :wink:

I knew it was coming… :wink: Great time CF :wink:

Cool pics, grits :wink: Any time to report yet ??