Best way to earn credits.

Just started to play FM7 for the first time since launch month and was wondering what best way of earning credits is at moment ?

I assume grinding a long race round an oval is still up there, but was wondering if there was any other ??

As long a race as you can run, using VIP and high bonus mods with goals that are easy to attain. If you are used to driving with little to no assists, this should be easy. Next is difficulty.


Online multiplayer no real way to earn a ton of credits. Offline single player use mod cards and stack them for max payouts. Say you have a night race if you have some night race mod cards use them all on that race. Do you drive with ABS off and normal steering? Use the mod cards that payout for those assists off. Buy the 30,000 crates they seem to be the best value. You can combine Forzathon challenges sometimes too. Like a certain car has to reach a certain speed and another challenge has x number of laps on a certain track. Goto free play and setup a race may be 10 laps on that track with that car and stack up your mod cards for max payout. You have killed 2 birds one stone and earned a good payout. VIP also helps that is +100% right off the bat as well. If you haven’t yet get your weekly rewards from this site (Rewards tab). Not much but a little extra a week. You don’t get a bonus for assists this time unless you have a mod card for it but you can for increasing AI difficulty.

Do you still get credits for time trials/leaderboards? I’ve not played the game yet, just downloading it now on Xbox.

My go-to grind was Daytona oval at night, Ford Escort FE (100% bonus), unbeatable difficulty, and max mod cards.

In addition to this track, I also do LeMans long track with the chicanes, which give a great yield with this same set up, without the boredom of just doing ovals.

Logging into Forza Hub once a week… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have been just doing the Career races on Long. Stack 3 Mod cards, Use and FE car when at all possible, AI set as high as I can get away with, plus VIP bonus. That nets me 125,000 to 200,000 credits per race. 5 races to go the complete the Career and I have over 14 million credits. The 425,000 I get a week, from the Hub, doesn’t hurt either.

I just got stuck in with multiplayer. Got all the cars (available) and 45 million credits I can’t spend. Better to just enjoy playing the game and it coming naturally rather than being bored to tears lapping an oval for hours.