Best competitive Forza YouTubers and Streamers?

Hi. I’m new in Forza can U guys recommend me some best and competitive YouTubers and Streamers? I now already Raceboy77 and Super GT

Don Joewon Song

Johnson Racing (aTTaX Johnson), Has teamed up with Super GT for some videos at times.

FailRace also does some very creative things with Forza games.

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JSR Devon
F4H Racerz (doesn’t upload that often though)

Unfortunately there really isn’t that many competitive Forza YouTube channels. The amount of competitive Forza YouTubers are in the single digits.

I am trying to be more competitive and upload semi regularly on FM7, I do all sorts of driving from drifting to hotlaping and racing. I’m nowhere near as good at racing as some of the other guys (still have a bit to learn)but I can definitely drift.

Forza 7 Drift Rival WR attampt

JSR Devon, Super GT.

TheBlue028 has some good vids on the tubes as well.

Edit; never mind I just saw he has posted already.

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There’s this guy, has a small sub rate but a lot of content. FPG Motorsports. I hear he’s a decent guy and will sub back. :slight_smile: