Bentley Mulliner Batur 2023-2024

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Bentley Mulliner Batur


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Bentley Mulliner Batur


The final evolution of the mighty W12 that has become synonymous with modern Bentley, the Mulliner Batur is a closed-roof sibling of the Bacalar. Both pack the most powerful editions of the W12 ever, delivering 740 PS and a nice round 1000 Nm. Just 30 examples will be made between the two models. The Mulliner specials are meant to bridge the gap between the current VAG-owned Bentley that is defined by the Continental GT, and the brand’s electric future, by using the Conti’s mechanicals, but hinting at the brand’s upcoming designs.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bentley Mulliner Batur.

Bentley’s fastest production car by far. Before they transition to Electric cars, they’ve integrated a brutal 6L, W12 Twin Turbo, 730HP to the Batur. Its luxury, but it screams “power”.

If Forza is going to have a UK event month, I hope they update their Bentley cars list. Seeing this ingame, along with the latest Bentley Continental GT and the Bacallar would be refreshing to see, coming from a Hypercar fatigue in Forza 5.

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We definitely need this car for upcoming Forza Motorsport.

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Video from Top Gear

Looks so good in that Blue


2024 Bentley Mulliner BATUR

An ultra-limited Bentley coupe would be fantastic addition to the underwhelming lineup in FH5!


Bentley Mulliner Batur Convertible


Bentley Mulliner Batur Convertible (about as many examples as the Coupé)


Looks stunning :smiley: would be a nice addition to the game

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