Barn finds' tagging after unsuccessful sell

Hi Everyone,

I bought FH4 as soon as it appeared on Steam (9th March 2021), and I have a question regarding how barn finds are shown in the Barn Finds menu after you’ve tried to sell them.

So apparently if you decide to try to sell one of your barn finds (or put a barn find on sale by mistake like I did – I got another Quattro from one of the story chapters and thought I’d sell one of them, unfortunately I put on sale the barn find instead of the other) – it doesn’t matter that your car wasn’t bought by someone and you reclaimed it to your garage – the tag ‘Owned’ disappears on this car in the Barn Finds inventory, and clicking on the car card from that menu shows a ‘This car is not in your garage’ message.

You can still use it, it is in your garage, you can view it from the Garage section and use it no problem, but in the Bar Finds menu it is inaccessible from then on.

As per Known Issues support page the devs classified it like this:

It’s not a big deal as the car is still accessible nonetheless, but I’d like to keep having all my barn finds tagged as ‘Owned’ in the Barn Finds section and be able to view all of them from there. Is there really no other way to ‘fix’ this apart from restarting my progress completely? If that’s the case, I will definitely live with it as I’ve already have over 40 hours of progress, but thought I’d give it a chance and ask.


as they have already stated there is no way to fix it

I have given all of my Barn Finds a standard livery to avoid picking them in error. All are painted in dark wood, with “Barn Find Finish” on the sides. The design is shared as BFF for all relevant cars if you wish to do the same.

The barnfinds marker owned appear only on the cars, you have found yourself. If you sold one of these or put in the auction house, the car itself appears in your collection as new after reclaiming.

I think it is this way to prevent players getting confused with already bought barn find cars (for the impatient ones) and the found by yourself ones.