Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham Alabama

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Barber is my local track. The attention to detail around the grounds is amazing and the Lay-out accommodates everything from motorcycles to indycar to 24 hours of lemons and everything in between


the tracks atmosphere is amazing from the track layout, to the little hidden markers like the sasquatch or the spider, down to the amazing 5 story car and motorcycle museum that looks as if it came from a forza motorsport main menu itself. the track atmosphere is beautiful. I truly believe it would be criminal to not have it in forza motorsport

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My local track and an absolutely beautiful facility. There’s a reason they call Barber the “Augusta National of Motorsports”. Picturesque scenery, elevation changes, technical sections, and rollercoaster-like turns make Barber Motorsports Park a joy to drive. Including Barber in Forza Motorsport is a no-brainer!


I had the most fun on this track years ago in rFactor when we would network pc’s at my house. Super fun track for slow to fast speed cars. Topping that hill and draging to that left hander was awesome. Several fun corners too.