Banning....why? How?

So I’ve been banned for… You have been banned for violating the Xbox Code of Conduct by awarding yourself a large sum of credits / this being a weird one, because…I only have 300k? I’ve used mods which are the ones that the game provides? Is there any way that I can resolve the ban or am I written off? And the only large intake for forza I have is via Forza hub…

Players may encounter an on-screen message indicating that “Your gamertag is temporarily banned from this feature” in multiplayer, Auction House, etc. The in-game Message Center will show the length of the ban and direct the user to The purpose of the message is to remind players of the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use for both Forza and Xbox Live. A basic rule of thumb is an E for Everyone tone; common ban reasons include intentional wrecking in multiplayer lobbies and inappropriate designs (profanity, drugs, sexual themes including ‘Free Candy’ etc). Repeat offenses may result in a permanent ban.

Players who believe they have been unfairly banned can e-mail for further investigation and review. Include your Xbox Live Gamertag and ban date. Discussion of bans and enforcement issues is not permitted on the forums.