Banned from art store front

Hello, I’m a veteran forza player, but recently on forza
Motorsport 6 I designed a scooby doo and shaggy design, it went viral and got a ton of downloads, now I went on holiday and let my brother play the game, I come back to find that he’s took my scooby doo design and put a spliff on it in which I had a go at him because now it seems I’m banned from the store front as he must of posted it up. I apologise to turn 10 for this and as an artist on the game. I would appreciate a way of getting unbanned. My GAMERTAG is TheMADHULK

This is annoying me as I spent so much on deluxe to design on all cars for everyone but now has been ruined by my brother. Can someone from turn 10 please contact me via [Mod edit- Never EVER post your email address on a public forum-fyerball] it would be appreciated. I can verify I’m 21 and mature enough to understand the terms and conditions. But is a DISASTER

NOW IT ALSO SEEMS IM BANNED FROM THE TUNE STORE! I payed £89.99 for this game I’m not standing for this

Here’s my design and my brothers addition … In photos below …

[Mod edit - fyerball]

**** Moderator note - If you were banned for that why on earth would you link it here??

In the future I suggest you protect your account and don’t let your “brother” use your account or console. Once you are unbanned, I suggest you remove the offending design.

ms dont automatically remove banned designs? good thing i never bet on that one or i would have lost money.

Already have, I only have 1 account and it’s a car game and being a good brother let him play it while I was in Vegas.

Apologies for your frustration, however you should contact Turn 10 at You will get a automated reply but they do read the emails.

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