What do you think of the forums Badges system? (click the hamburger menu in the upper right of the page and click Badges to see the list)

If you have a suggestion for adding a badge, please indicate:

  • Name for the badge
  • Badge Category (Getting Started, Community, Posting, or new)
  • Requirement to achieve the badge
  • Description
  • Color

Lots of grind if you want a tick in each one :roll_eyes: . Not a fan, don’t really see the point tbh.

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I’m sure they’ll be popular with those who chase likes and follows on other social media sites.

you could add a badge for competition winners, both photo and livery to be awarded for a win/placement


Seems like most badges fall into three groups:

  1. come naturally for just about anyone periodically using the forums (Welcome - receive a like)
  2. come naturally with prolonged use (e.g., Respected - receive 2 likes on 100 posts)
  3. be intentionally earned (Crazy in Love - used 50 likes in a day 20 times)
  4. be virtually impossible to earn (Famous Link - posted an external link with 1000 clicks)

I figure I’ll get what I get. No one else will probably know what I have unless they feel like stalking me for some reason.

you could add the forza badges for Mods, RMs and Staff (support) and if you do the comp winners badges could be of a similar design

Badges are a great idea but I think many of the current badges are silly such as a badge for editing a post. Like seriously…

Award badges for real achievements such as create a post or comment that receives 1 like, 10 likes, 50 likes, 100 likes. That’s an achievement and has a benefit to the forums as a comment that gets 100 likes must be pretty amazing.

You could also encourage people to post with badges for 1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000 comments.

Badges for providing the most liked idea in a support driven poll.

Badges for 1, 10, 50, 100 replys to a comment or thread that you create or post.

List goes on.