Backmarkers causing mayhem in hoppers!

I have complained about this since FM2 days and still it remains a problem. Tonight in the Forza GT Endurance lobby one single backmarker was spoiling everyones race. The obvious fix which I have mentioned since FM2 is anyone who falls one lap behind remains a ghost until they unlap themselves. So my question to Turn 10 is from a technical point of view can this be done?

If the answer is no then Turn 10 need to recruit volunteers to monitor the behaviour of these types of players and have the ability to remove them. They are a curse to those who wish to have clean racing and it only takes one person to ruin a lobby of 24. At the moment its difficult to identify some of these people because some names to not appear above the cars. This also needs fixing.


Really hope this part gets more attention.

Keep seeing similar threads and keep seeing the fanboys say “well just use the new report feature”…

Kinda hard when every car in the lobby has a blank box over it…


Had exactly the same thing in the A class hopper tonight… a Mercedes truck and a Limo causing mayhem. Best of all it was around Long Beach and there’s no chance to get past a Limo at the final corner!

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If you’ve been bringing it up for 10 years then you know that it is either not possible or not desired.

It’s sad to see but that’s the way it is I’m afraid.

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Or it’s because nobody from Turn 10 pays attention to these forums and what the community want to see. For instance how often do you see the Forza community manager actively posting in these forums? answer hardly ever!


That’s all well and good but it really shouldn’t be that way. I tend to not care if someone wreaks me in a public hopper because let’s face it just a random race. However I’ve had some great races ruined by this behaviour too. I stopped playing Forza when the Xbox one came out, because I decided to not buy one. I’d like to think issues like this would of been worked out by now. I guess it’s harder to sort out then we think, or it’s not something T10 considered to be big issue.

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They might care, but they don’t care enough to do anything about it. Simple as that, not a priority.


I popped into a few lobbies last night but wasn’t able to see anything amiss. I’ll try to pop in more regularly as my time allows.


Are we still supposed to save replays, and message a mod the info so that they can ban the offenders. Not sure how the in game rating for drivers will affect anyone yet, been using it A LOT!

I wouldn’t bother with sending Replays, it’s too much effort for very little reward.

Just use the reporting systems, drive clean yourself and try to stay out of other peoples’ incidents. You can’t do much else.

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Yeah I was in the Endurance GT hopper and crashers everywhere waiting for you to pass then bam. I only played 2 races and there was at least 5 crashers each race out of 20+ players.

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This is the reason i rarely go in to public lobbies, prefer to stay in private with people who are genuinely trying to race clean. People do make mistakes and crashing happens but in public lobbies it seems like many drivers aim to take you out if you get past them.

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