Ayo Jube gallery - updated 10/3/2014

Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my gallery.

Here are a few of my first shots. I will add more tomorrow night after I finish sorting my pictures.

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I swear that Supra shot is real life…

Thanks KTVDS, I added a few more :slight_smile:

Awesome photos. Number 4 is my favorite.

Great shot of the lambo in the rain.

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Liking the shot on the Lamborghini and Supra!

Love the Huracan shot - looks amazing. Keep up the good work!


Love the B&W shot!

Thanks for the kind words guys, here is my second batch. I’ll get to sorting it better this weekend.

Loving your shots! Keep up the good work!

Such a cool shot!

The second 330 P4 shot looks great!

My favourite from your latest set has to the first shot.

All great shots as usual, cant wait to see more.

I wonder when we will get to see a new update.