Audi TT Bimoto 2002

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Audi TT Bimoto


Year: 2003
Model: MTM TT Bimoto
Engine: 2x 1.8 Litre 4 Cylinder Turbo
Gearbox: 6-speed manual
Top Speed: 236 MPH
0-60: 3.6 Seconds
0-100: 7.5 Seconds
Power: 740 BHP
Torque: 738 Ib/ft
Weight: 1490 KG
Class: Hypercars
Why Should this Car be Added?: It’s a very unique car that deserves to be added to the game. The pro-tuned market has been completely dominated by Hoonigan since FH3 when there are plenty of other cars similar to this such as the MINES Skyline, Top Secret Supra, RUF Porsches and Koenig Ferrari’s.

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MTM Audi TT Bimoto

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