Are "satanic/occult" decals allowed?

Hello, i am a believer of Theistic Satanism (that Satan is real and i worship him as a deity). I am wondering if “satanic” or occult symbols are allow on cars or if i risk being banned if i put them on and get reported by someone.

I am aware that playground games has stepped up their enforcement of the rules in regard to inappropriate or questionable decals - much of which i understand - but i am not sure where they stand on “satanic” logos and wider religious decals. I assume that they are allowed as the same way that Christianity or other religious based decals are allowed? My intentions are not to offend people and its probably only going to be used on a few cars.

Also are umbrella corp logos okay?

Although i have not been around the game for the long time, i wouldn’t want to get back into it just to be banned.

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Ahhhw not sure if troll but funny


You can find the enforcement guidelines here -

I think there are some in the PG shared vinyls already. They can’t complain if they are there.


Makes me think of how many times I’ve asked cops “Is ______ legal?” The answer was always the same. Good luck

I don’t see why not… but… I still haven’t done up my FSM promo, so, yeah, maybe.

In Forza, it’s usually a “If you have to ask, it’s probably not allowed”

You never know what they’re gonna ban next…

And I think a lot of it is “if it ain’t reported, it ain’t a problem”… so naturally, some religions won’t be reported, some will, just guess where the likely line is going to be drawn…

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I see nothing in the rules against religious symbols. You will probably offend someone’s religion by making a satanic sign though.


This is the same game that gives out free cars with questionable sexual related liveries applied to all players, so I don’t see how they could really argue religious/belief-based decal are offensive.

However, its their game so I guess they can make up any random rule they choose.


Personally I wouldn’t risk it. I’ve heard numerous cases of people being banned for questionable liveries. And bans lasting for 8000 years lol.

If curated groups has them shared by PG then they are OK. PG can’t ban themselves.


lol… they might not ban themselves but I’m not sure that wouldn’t mean they wouldn’t necessarily ban someone for using something they provided a download of… if someone complained about it.

Wonder if bug list shorter after 8000y?
Umbrella Corp is fine.
Santa ok. Satan maybe not.
Rising sun no. So err on side of no

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Use common sense this game is supposed to be suitable for everyone…and its a game, its not really a suitable place to try and express yourself either politically or religiously. I think if you were trying to recruit people to your beliefs you’d be in trouble with MS or XBox no matter which magical being you choose to worship and if your just advertising your beliefs, who really cares if you blame god, satan or papa smurf for your good/misfortune.


It would be nice if that were true, and possible, but we all know what’s said about common sense.

Brief example, I’m pretty sure I recall something in the TOS as an example of a bad idea for a livery subject to banning. An Ice Cream van. Something about child luring I expect. Which doesn’t make any common sense for obvious reasons. Not even factoring that the game gives us… wait for it… an Ice Cream van jingle horn.

No. Common Sense simply doesn’t exist. The powers that be need hard and fast rules. And when the question is asked, like by the OP here, they need to step up with a Yes or No. It’s in the rules, or it is now. Not some equivocation, or worse, silence. And not expecting the public reports what triggered them and hope that whoever (if anyone) gets the report makes a fair and unbiased decision. It’d also be nice if they used that opportunity as a teaching lesson and instead of simply banning without explanation told the player why and don’t do it again, and also mention in the forums and a tweety or whatever so J. Q. Public knows it isn’t acceptable. Because not eveyone actually reads the TOS… shocking, I know.

rant ends

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I have no knowledge of Satanism and do not know what symbols are used, but if there is one piece of solid advice, it is to avoid those listed in the ADL’s hate symbol database.

There is little risk of a player being banned for something like a number, even if it is listed in this database as a quirk, but it is best to avoid things like rune symbols, even if they are used with peaceful intentions.

On their website, ADL reminds us that these symbols may be used without discriminatory intent and to consider the context, but in reality, the enforcement teams of various companies, not just Microsoft, tend to referee based on the worst possible context, which is based on Western values.

To take a slightly extreme example, for example, the “Manji,” a backwards-facing swastika, is a symbol of budism that has a longer history and has been used more peacefully than the swastika of Germany’s notorious army.
Today in Asia it is no different, and the symbol continues to be used as a symbol for budism.

However, the moment you put this decal on your car in Forza, you will be considered a rasist and immediately banned. And your explanation will not be heard by them.

Perhaps the same result with other “questionable” symbols. Therefore, even if you want to promote your religious values with your car, it is better to avoid using such questionable symbols for your own protection.


I fail to see how any symbol that promotes inclusivity of a group that has felt excluded for decades can be seen as ‘questionable’.

On top of that you were given the car to do with as you please. No one was asked to drive it or otherwise actively promote the cause.


If they don’t ban crosses, they shouldn’t ban other religious symbols…

However, there’s another problem here. The Satanic church copyrights their imagery and have been known to sue over it.

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OP is next level troll. Why would you worship Satan lol.