Are league rankings being exploited?

I was just going for a while in the FWD B-class ghost league and after a while the lobby started to fill, then I noticed there was one player who sat idle at the start for every race.
THEN I noticed that the idle person was the #1 leaderboard position holder for this league event. Up until now I had assumed the top league positions were extremely good players, unemployed, or kids who had a lot of free time to amass so many points. But now I’m thinking it’s guys who just park themselves in a lobby while they get on with whatever else in life and just collect the participation points as they build for hours on end.
Am I just coming to realize something that everyone else was already aware of? If this is the case what does T10 plan to do about it? If this is the trend then what are rankings even there for? Just give all participants an equal credit payout or remove this flawed point system.

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It can happen for various reasons, like connection speed which causes your XBox not to see him move or him being disconnected etc. etc. However, if he just collects participation points (100p per race), he must do about 1000 races just to collect 100 000 points, which in the end of the league would be insufficient to be in the top 10. I agree that would be weird and irritating, but if one goes through all the effort and disconnects and chance of being kicked out for being inactive just to collect participation points, well, I must admire him for his perseverance.

Sounds like those “red” T10 staff are at it again!:wink:

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If a driver is truly idling on the grid, they’ll automatically get booted after about 30 seconds.

If a driver is stuck on the grid for the entire race, then it is a connection issue. That person is actually racing and will show up on the results screen accordingly at the end of the race, but you can’t see him moving on your screen.

This is the correct answer.

I am unable to even get into a league lobbies. Ive tried several times in the last three weeks nothing failed to find lobby.