APR Performance kit for the 2005 Subaru Impreza

The 2005 Impreza has been in Forza since Motorsport 2. During its presence in the series it has only had a total of 3 bodykits: a Chargespeed lip kit in Motorsport 2, a complete INGS kit up until Horizon 1 (or X360 FH2) and a rally-esque kit since Horizon 1.
Horizon 5 brought multiple new kits to many cars, such as the SFLA kit for the Evo X, so why not bring another new kit to another already existing car? The APR Performance kit would be a great addition for the '05 Impreza since the INGS front bumper went missing.

If Tokyo Drift was made in an alternate universe…

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I partially change my mind, only bring this to the game if the 2005 Impreza gets a full rescan