Appropriate place to put a review post?

I just picked up this game on the Black Friday sale and found that the 1,000 character limit on the MS Store is far, far too short to write a meaningful review. I’ve seen a few other review threads that have been closed by moderators saying to either email feedback to the devs or post the information in the appropriate thread. I looked through the stickied threads and didn’t see anything that quite fit what I was looking for, the closest thing was maybe the car/feature wishlist.

So my question is: where is the appropriate place to put a review/feedback post? Should I just formulate it as a wishlist and put it there?

If you genuinely want to post a review - try to refrain from any kind of swearing or alluding/ disguising swearing as something else.

Try to be unbiased - don’t rant, just state your case and explain your reasons why.

Most of the locked threads you see are because someone has overstepped the bounds in one way or the other. If in doubt - PM a mod with your prospective review and ask them if they think there’s an issue with it.


Do you mean “Don’t be critical at all”? Because I’ve seen plenty of appropriate, well rounded, well thought out criticisms posted here, and they were locked or deleted.

Can’t hurt them sales, bro. Criticism is not allowed at all.


I guess this can be considered a review then:

Don’t make it a wishlist, but do write up a review. So long as you are mature and the post is constructive, it won’t get moderated.

You can also email a copy of it to when you’re done.

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Serious question; what’s the point of writing anything “constructive” in a review posted on this board? T10 has demonstrated a complete disregard for feature addition/change requests throughout the life of the Forza Motorsport series. There are changes that players have been asking for since FM3 yet T10 has quadruple downed on not doing anything about them.


Do you know what “constructive” means? Don’t turn your review into a wishlist of any kind (by the OP or by others) and it most likely won’t get moderated. If you think that constructive means writing down all the things you miss and things you would like to have added then it will be locked.

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Yeah, I know exactly what “constructive” means. Which is why I focused on it. You don’t seem to understand the word so I’ll help you out.


I know what it means (and if I don’t I can use Google myself), I wasn’t sure you did too because in the 2nd and 3rd sentence of your post you start about wishlists.

Can you link them?