Just pushed some dude off a straight road in ranked adventure with my Urus. I had to dodge traffic and kinda lost control over my soccer-mom-mobile.

Don’t remember his nickname and dunno exactly what car he drove, something japanese I guess.

But dude, if you’re reading this. I’m really sorry for that, was no intention.

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Nice driving :smiley:

Ban pls



could have just looked at previous players and sent him a message
doubt he would read on here or care that much anyway since there is so many deliberate crashers in online and it’s to be expected


On Xbox there is the recording feature allowing to record up to 5 mn of game. Any equivalent on PC ?
You still have ‘recently played with’ from the xbox companion

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I don’t know. STR3LA seems kinda sus to me.

It wasn’t me. I just used it since it’s a popular meme.

I can’t tel nowl if I was outplayed by you in this memeception or you didn’t get Among Us reference?

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