Any idea why horizon 3 pics aren't showing up in gallery please?

Everything else I’ve taken on previous firza titles is showing, just none of the horizon 3 captures

I’m having to use Xbox Screenshot function to capture and share my inages.

sometimes that happens to me too(you have shared the photos ingame I assume?)
just give it a couple of hours and the pictures will show up :slight_smile:
sometimes maybe a whole day…

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All my FH3 photos has disappeared in the gallery menu as well. Happend friday or saturday for me.
I really hope they fix it soon. :frowning:

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Yeah none of my Horizon 3 pics have shown up since day 1. Not a single one. Good news though, you can use the Forza hub to download them on your PC. But it’s a bit of a chore switching apps every 30 seconds. lol

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Thanks guys. Yeah all pics were shared as per previous forza pics and were showing on Friday. Then the horizon 3 ones all vanished

I still havent played horizon 3 but all my photos have vanished. First it was FM6 only now checking they told me no photos posted…all vanished. Any ideas

Hello everyone, sorry for reply a 1 year ago post, but the problem persist. After a game (FH3) on yesterday with a couple of photos, every photo in the FH3 gallery disappeared, only FH2 remained… Damn… On XBOX - FH3 settings everything is ok about it.