[ANSWERED] VIP member just lost 5,000,000 for purchasing the Free to VIP Lake Lodge

I just purchased, the so called free to VIP Members, Lake Lodge. I have FH4 Ultimate and VIP Membership since day one.
When it went from the screen showing 5 SuperWheel Spins and Double #Forzathon Points and had 5,000,000 with a line drawn through the price and right below said Free to VIP Members. I proceeded to press A and the next screen showed a completed purchase. My CR value went from 7,000,000 and some change to 2,000,000 with change. There were no SuperWheel spins in the Horizon Life screen. All that happened was I paid a hell of a lot of CR for a Lame House. I would never pay that, especially with out any perks. I have explained this to Forza and am waiting for a reply.


Please submit a ticket here and explain the situation. Being a VIP this house should have been free.
To help quicken the process, please also state the information that the transaction of when you bought the house happened on the following date & time: 1/9/2019 3:36:07 AM

The support team should therefore be able to help.

I’ll now lock this thread.


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