[ANSWERED] Seasonal Events on Fortune Island a;ways showing up as done for me ????

I have not 30 minutes ago (7.10pm on Friday 18th) run forza 4 to do the seasonal events and I have again hit the exact same issue I hit last week, that issue is that it tells me that I have already done this weeks events and today is the 1st time I have run the game since last Friday which means there is absolutely no way I have done this weeks seasonal events yet all the island ones tell me I have done them already and even when I had a go at one it never gave me any of the awards that you are meant to win for doing them. The exact same thing happened last week also but ONLY with the island ones both weeks. The main land ones show up as not done and I can win the prizes. The game is doing nothing wrong no errors or anything like that I have had no game crashes or nothing that could explain this. Could someone please tell me what the hell is going on and if I am the only person having this issue. My brother also has this game yet the seasonals are doable for him, and he can win the prizes. Please help as I am at a loss as to why this is happening to me.

Did you do them last Summer on Fortune Island (a month ago)? They’re the same events.

Yes I did do them, seems very short sighted of microsoft to setup the same events and no different awards, that is like a kick in the arse for the regular players who like to do them each week. That is so unfair they could atleast make the prizes wheelspins or cash even but NOTHING seems stupid and a good way of pis*ing off the folk who play the game a lot like myself. The only reason I never played the game for nearly a week was because it did the same crap the week before and it really annoyed me.

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u can complete pvp or co-op.

I’m having this same problem. Seasonal events already shown as complete. The season changes as normal but the seasonal championships are staying completed.

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I am having the same issue…as if I had already completed them. SO I ran one event again and at the end the splash screen when from incomplete to complete for all three goals, but no rewards. Just CR and XP.

Same issue on my side for the last two weeks. Mainland is fine, island shows as completed. My housemate completed them previously as well and they’re available for him to do again but not for me. Can’t find any info online as to why.

Started having this exact same issue with fortune island for the past two weeks and wrote about it in a different thread. I submitted a ticket explaining this issue a couple of days ago, so I guess we’ll see if anything comes of it. All I’ve gotten in response so far is that they received my ticket and will review the issue in the order that they received it. Any one have any idea how long it usually takes them?

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The seasonal events on fortune island havent been updated for anyone for the last 3 weeks …so anyone that has already done them in the last 3 weeks they will be shown as done

Completely untrue

It’s absolutely true, except for PR stunts. Every seasonal championship for the last 3 weeks is showing as completed (if you did them when they first hit a month ago), with no rewards outside of credits.

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Following are the posts related to the last two Winter Events. The Fortune Island Championships are exactly the same:
Winter #Forzathon Events Through January 10
Winter #Forzathon Events Through February 7

So its not a bug but as intended…

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. Do they only have four seasons championships for Fortune Island that repeat indefinitely? :frowning:

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Which is completely different from what the post I quoted said.

Still true as of today… Does anyone know why? Has T10 or anyone else said anything about it? Honestly, these Seasonal Championships are the one thing that keeps me playing… Don’t get me wrong; I really like Forza titles; I have all of them, but this one has been a real let-down.

I’m going back to MS7. Later.

My events on FI have been the same for a while now, something’s wrong with them and they’re not changing out to new events. I thought I was the only one that was having this issue but I guess I was wrong.

They’re changing for most people, they’re just changing to the same events as the last time the season in question was here. Events this week are the same events as last Autumn.

I noticed when I hover over the championship on the map it shows completed, but when I drive up and enter the championship it looks normal (not completed). I was able to complete all the new seasonal events for this week in Fortune Island.

I had the opposite experience. When I drove up at looked at the event details, each of the three levels of achievement also read “Completed”.

I’m slightly encouraged to learn that not everyone is experiencing this… Only because it’s the only information I’ve learned, but I’d still like for the devs or mods to chime in.

Anyone listening?

same problem here :frowning:

Just wanted to give you guys an update. I submitted a ticket a couple of weeks ago explaining this issue and received a response stating that they are aware of this problem and are looking into it. So hopefully there may be a fix for this sometime soon.