[ANSWERED] Don't have access to car pass cars.

I haven’t been able to get the latest two cars from the car pass (Opel Kadett and Hillman Imp). Whenever i click on them to view, all it says is that they will be released on the 31st January.

Same problem here… Then I restarted the console and it worked :slight_smile:


You may need to check that the Car Pass is still installed. If you’re sitll having this issue then please submit a ticket

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Thank you. I feel kinda stupid now lol. Didn’t even to think to check.


Could you please go to Manage Game > See in Store > Scroll down and select Car Pass > Select Install.
Once that is complete please go to Settings > Power and Startup > Turn off or restart > Full shut down.
Reboot and try to launch then.

Thank you,

I have been having the same problem since the 24 Jan 2019 released cars.
Tried the above comments and still not working (Today 09 Feb 2019).
Just submitted a ticket so hope it will get fixed.

Try traveling to Fortune Island and accessing them while there.

Same issue, but the weird thing is, that it works fine for one profile, but not on another, on the same Xbox.