AMC Spirit 1979-1983

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1979 AMX would be cool to see!


Truly a shame this Foxbody Killer never got a legendary reputation in the late 70s Muscle car era like its Ford, Pontiac & Chevy counterparts did. In my opinion, the '79 AMX is one of the coolest cars of the entire Malaise era.

It does boxy muscle better than a Foxbody, as it retains the flare of the earlier 70s with the sharp edges of the 80s.
The decals & widebody kit on a car with this tough boxy shape is just such an amazing look!

And don’t even get me started on the hood decal! Of all of the obscure random cars Forza devs like to add, (and I love it when y’all do that) this is one I seriously think deserves serious consideration!


I’d love to see any new AMC added to Forza but I would especially love the Spirit. They made pretty slick looking race cars!



Here’s some more information about the 1979 Spirit AMX for anyone who is interested



Gabriel Strider Shocks and “Rally Tuned” suspension

Stiffened factory sway bars front and rear

Short 96in wheelbase and lightweight build making it an excellent road racer


AMC 304ci V8 putting out 125 Horsepower

5 Speed Manual Transmission

OEM Aero

Factory Fender Flares

Factory Chin Spoiler

Factory Deck Lid Spoiler


Both the Spirit AMX and base model Spirit have impressive racing careers under their belts. They’ve participated in everything from IMSA and SCCA, to Pikes Peak hill climbs, to short track oval racing, and even the RAC Tourist Trophy in the UK. The Spirit AMX was even homologated for European Touring Car racing by the FIA. The biggest achievement of the Spirit AMX came from this at the 1979 Nürburgring 24hrs. At this race Team Highball and their BF Goodrich sponsored Spirit AMXs claimed a 1st and 2nd finish overall. This made the Spirit AMX not only the first ever American car to enter the Nürburgring 24hrs but the first ever American car to win as well.

It’s an absolute shame these cars don’t get the recognition they deserve. They accomplished so much in such a short time, but they are often forgotten about. I’d love it if Forza shown some light on the Spirit AMX and American Motors as a whole!