AMC Eagle 1980-1984

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The AMC eagle was always four wheel drive with an independent front axle with disc breaks, all models came with either a 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder. Many owners were able to remove the engine and swap in an AMC 360 V8 from a AMC javelin. AMC Eagle Wagons were used in multiple cross rally events across Africa, Europe, and North America. Whether the eagle model was a kammaback hatchback, four door sedan, sxt coupe, or the large selling wagons, they all came with the same 4x4 chassis setup. Eagles were slow from the factory but would be an excellent platform to use in Forza horizon and motorsport to compete with the Porsche, audi quattro, Subaru WRX, etc.

Having the ability to repaint/lower/add wheels to the eagle would really make people love this car and Forza.

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