Always get in fortune island when the game start

First of all, I’m sorry about my English. Is that normal than each time I start fh4 on Xbox one, I’m getting on fortune Island. Also when I left the game at one of my houses? Before I installed fortune island I always start the game in my default house… There is some fix issues comings with the new patch this January 14th?

Go to any house you own on the main island. Once inside look at the bottom of the screen - it says something like - Press Y to make your home.
So press Y - voila - you have set your new home. Next time you start Forza H4 you will start from here.
Easy fix :slight_smile:


Dear readers,

I’m encountering the exact same problem as stated above and tried the suposed “Set as main Home” mutiple times. Made sure the game saved after and even did some races after then.
Sadly no succes. Does anyone have any tips to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Finaly got it to work. Don’t know what I did different but the started for the UK today.