Altered Reflection detailing uk

Hi fellow car afficianados. First things first.

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Now then. I’ve been away from Forza for a little while and have been focussing my efforts on my real life.

I’ve decided to take my Passion for cars and bikes to the next level and start a detailing business. I’m fully insured, fully trained and skilled and if that’s not enough I’m an Official Nanolex, Dodo juice accredited detailer. Now here’s where it gets complicated. As a small UK start up there is no funding available to help with equipment costs and bank managers have no interest in the sector because it’s highly competitive and packed with the local Scratch n shine corner car washers.

So I’ve started a crowd funding project in order to help offset equipment and premises costs. Now I want to get something straight. I’m not asking for free money should anyone pledge a larger donation in the UK and IF I hit my target I will provide FREE service as a thank you.

I’m currently working on a website showcasing my work. I’ve recently completed a Gloss enhancement on a Ferrari 458, single stage paint correction on a brand new BMW i8.

(note website is not yet complete but does have photos of my work)

Cheers for looking


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