Aimgain Bodykits - 2017 Acura NSX

Aimgain currently produce two Bodykits for the NC1 Generation of the Honda/Acura NSX which is represented ingame as the 2017 Acura NSX.

There is the much more simple Aimgain Sport Kit which is primarily just Carbon Trim and a new Ducktail Spoiler on the car.

And then there is the Aimgain GT Kit which is a full Widebody Conversion and different Bumpers and Skirts.

This comes standard with a Ducktail Spoiler but there is an Optional GT Wing on offer

The Bodykit with the Optional GT Wing and a Red Accent Package on parts of the trim.

Aimgain Official Website

I’d primarily like to see this to spice-up the Car as it’s remained with no customization options since FH3.

It would be good to give it some visual flair and build variety especially the car itself is rather lacking in the performance department.

Having just the GT Bodykit available with Aero Tuning Unlocked would potentially give the NSX a good boost in performance and make it a more common sight in both Online and Offline Races with more players giving it a chance.

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The last one with rear wing is superb…need that in fh5.

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