affinity level.

are parts still free at level 5?

Doesn’t appear so. It doesn’t mention anything about cheaper parts with higher levels.

thanks for the help shaun

I’ve hit maximum affinity (level 25) for three manufacturers already and will likely add two more this weekend, at no time have I noticed any sort of discount when buying upgrade parts. On the other hand, I’ve got so many credits that it really doesn’t matter.

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I’ve been working Honda towards level 25. I note it really doesn’t take more than a few hours for each manufacturer :slight_smile:

Any tips on fastest XP gain?

if you want to level/money grind which can get boreing buy the fastest car you can, download a good speed tune for it, and run 50 laps in free play on indy or daytona. it should get you about 50k xp and take about half an hour. with a good tunee you should be able to turn every assist off except drving line until you learn it. you wont hit the brakes, letting up on the gas will be enough. one you are in top gear you stay there so you’ll never have to shift after the 1st turn, and you should still lap second place a few times. that should give you a good bonus multiplier getting you well over 100k credits. as soon as the credit and xp are added to your acount hit restart and do it again.

after you get better start running rivals and beating rivals as close as you can. but i think there is a 60k xp cap per race so start aa new race rather than going past the cap. 6 laps of the ring will get you as much xp as a 50 lap race on the ring because its 10k xp per lap and his the cap in 6 laps. or atleast thats the way it was in 5.

ive gotten several affinity 100% xp bonuses mods, i plan on using them in combination with a showcase endurance race. figure if everything works out i might get 200k in about 45 minutes

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Is there any reason to max out the affinity levels? Do we get anything from doing that?

Super rare mods, apparently.

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Just to update, with 3 xp modifiers and 1 race at the Atlanta endurance (40 laps) I gained 18 affinity levels in just under an hour. I think this is the fastest way to level.