Adios Amigos, Mexico FH5, and Forza in general

I’ll just tuck this down here where nobody will see it to not distract anyone.

I’ve decided I’ve had enough of the grind, realized that’s really all it is anymore, to me anyway. Any fun there might have been once disappeared a long time ago save very rare and brief moments. If it wasn’t a mind numbing chore to gift all the cars I would. And please don’t ask for special wants, sorry, I’d love to help but I can’t fire up the game again and get sucked back into the FOMO insanity.

Met some good people here who I will miss, you know who you are, or think you do lol (just kidding :slight_smile: ) but I’ll also be saying so long to the forums. So in anticipation of thoughts or words here I might not see, same back at ya :wink:

And I hope, even though I don’t, that some are still finding the fun here and on the virtual roads.



Oh no, you’ll be missed but I completely understand you. I still hope we’ll see you again some day.

So long fare well!

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Leave the game, stay at the forums hang out. Let us know where you’re gaming. If it sounds good, many might follow.