Adelaide International Raceway (AIR)

Please press VOTE in the upper left of the screen to express your interest in seeing this track location in Forza Motorsport.

Feel free to post a comment about why you suggest this location.

Adelaide International Raceway (AIR)

AIR is a real world permanent circuit with a short track oval and straight for drag racing. For the Supercars street circuit, see Adelaide Parklands Street Circuit.

Hey everyone! For those voting for this track, please be aware this is not the Adelaide Street Circuit!

If you’re hoping to see that in the game, go vote for the Adelaide Parklands! As a South Australian, I cannot stress this enough: please vote for the right track!

This’d be a pretty interesting track to see honestly, but it’s pretty niche… I read earlier that it’s not seen use since 2006!
Check it out here: Adelaide International Raceway -

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