Achievment Bugs

I tryed to reach the Carrer Gold medal Achievments like Gold Bars…
I had a progress about 98 %. After a while I thought the achievement must be unlocked. But now my progress is about 37%… I still won about 320 gold medals. But the achiement wont unlock.
The same happens to the multiplayer medal achievments.

Why did I lost my achievment progress? Why didnt unlock the gold bar achievment?

Please excuse my english…

Greetings Bernd

Same thing happened to me this morning. Progress was 99%, won another 4 races and nothing popped, so I checked my achievement progress and I had been bumped back down to 22%. Not happy.

Same here, my career championships progress bar was reset to 0 and chieev for 25 completed don’t want to unlock and I already completed 27. I heard that this kind ofachievement progress problem is very common recently.