Achievement fails

I searched within the search field and showed no such thread of any Achievement issues and also not sure if this is the proper place, but here goes. :smiley:

Recently played The Goliath with a Forza Edition vehicle with at least 4 laps so I could obtain the achievement, after 3 attempts I gave up… but this evening I decided to obtain the achievement Better get Kraken: Get under 6 minutes in the S5S Raptor… after 2 laps, I have reached the line at 5 min 25 sec. Still! No achievement for that either. My game broken? Am I not allowed to be an achievement junky?!! S5S Raptor Kraken

You need to do is only drive 1 Round, not 2, 3 or more! And yes, it’s possible to do this under 6 minutes :wink:


Thank you so much for the information, but that still doesn’t resolve my achievement issue. (I was fully aware of only doing 1 lap,which I have already attempted, but showed this due to being proof of being under 6 minutes in 1 lap)

Xbox or pc
If xbox try properly restarting your console by pressing restart console from the xbox settings screen

And then see if they have popped
Thats what me and quite a few others did for it to register