About expansion 1 and 2

it says a new world location…that’s gonna be like blizzard mountain or something right? so we’re getting 2 new locations?

Hopefully the Isle Of Man…with bikes…

speaking of bikes why does forza doesn’t have bikes?.. it seems odd to me like a huge missed opportunity

every open world racing game that i can think of has bikes, burnout paradise, TDU2, Fuel, the crew

Devs have already stated publicly that bikes won’t be in Horizon 4 or likely any future Forza games as usable vehicles.

that’s such a close minded way of thinking… “no bikes, ever”… like WHY ?

bikes would make forza games even better and more amazing

They said something about having to develop a whole new set of physics if they were to add them and they likely just didn’t want to get into that and wanted to focus on improving the physics that are already there.

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that’s a really lame excuse if i ever heard one… especially considering forza games are not even simulators

and what\s there to improve? this is like the 4th horizon game right?.. it’s a shame cause bikes wold fit perfectly in forza horizon

Also I don’t think there’s a large enough part of the community that really wants bikes added. For every post I see asking about it, I see about 8 or 10 saying they don’t want them in. So I’m just not sure it’s something that Playground even really wants to add.

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That’s how they did it in FH2 and FH3. The zones were separate from the main map and about a third to half the size of the main map. You got there by a entering a loading point (ferry, airport).

I wonder what they’re planning and if one of the expansions will be as wild as the awesome Hotwheels expansion from FH3.

I hope its nothing like the Hotwheels expansion, if anything it was tragic.


Can you imagine all the bumping with cars and bikes together? I’m not a big fan of bikes, but can understand the request. Forza has never been about bikes though. 4 wheels (some more or less).

NO BIKES hopefully, they don’t belong in Forza

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Please post your requests/wishes/demands/desires/etc. regarding what you’d like to see in the appropriate wish list stickied at the top of the forum.

Forza Horizon 4 Features Wish List

Thank you.