A tournament style way to get rare cars and other rewards

Since there are many cars being suggested we can convert some of them into the game by making them rare or a “hard to find” just like in forza horizon 5, but instead of seasons and getting points from challenges, you must enter a quick 1-2 hour tournament that only happens a few times every day during one week of the month (kind of like the rocket tournaments except they only happen during one week)

Everyone has the same tracks and the same class and type of cars that are selected by the game devs (So for instance the first round everyone would race at the homestead miami road course with R class muscle cars, and the next round everyone who made it would race new people at like the silver stone Grand Prix circuit with a certain class of HyperCars and so in until the championship race.)

Each race would be a 15-20 minute race so it’s not so short that the people who start in the back have a chance to get towards the front, but also so it doesn’t consume so much time. The number of people that make it to the next round or race will be the top 50% of the race.

How could the grid get set? Whenever you enter the tournament you are given a select amount of time, depending on the track, to have an open track to you self and you must put up the fastest lap you can in said time range. This will go for every round and will give a realistic starting grid rather than a random starting grid.

How are the rewards determined? Depending on where you end up finishing you get certain rewards, the better you place the higher the reward, for a simple reference if you’re eliminated in the first round you could get 10,000 credits, but if you finish in the top 50% of the championship race you get the rare or hard to find car and a some credits based on where you finish.

One thing that may need to be cleared up if you’re wondering: everyone is NOT put into one big tournament, there will be multiple tournaments with the same amount of people as the others.