A Diamond In The Rough - Revisiting my first #RealForza photo

This image below was taken 2 weeks ago and was my first real attempt at realism. Feels like forever because of how much I improved. Lol.

Now, after more experience and with the new Porsche that came out, I made a better photo.

A tip for new Forzatographers: Keep tweaking and compare to real life shots.

You can find me in the Horizon club on Xbox Clubs if you’re interested for more.

Nice, is that all in-game tools?

Sure is! Who knew Forza could achieve such realism.

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I’ll have mercy on your photos, but not your ego.

Personally, I feel the original photo is the better of the two as it has more flare. As for the realism, both photos are just not quite there yet, if I’m to be honest.

Replaced with a tip. :confused: