93' Ford Mustang fox body

Hello, I really want to get this car i been trying to get it since launch and im willing to pay maybe couple 100k for this car. if you have one please message my Gamer tag Fragilevigilant nothing stupid crazy like 1 mill please be reasonable. maybe 500K? message me your price and we can set it up then :slight_smile: thank you!

Be patient and luck I got it after 250 hours gameplay on a wheelspin . And I’m sorry I will sell it only if I get a second but it pretty rare

I’d sell one of mine for 5 mill. and that’s not a stupid price either lol

Yeah, it is a stupid price for 2 reasons:

1- You’re a SCAMMER and should never negotiate with anyone
2- The OP can buy it for way less than 5 Mill.

This guy scammed me and then went to facebook groups with 2 profiles and scammed more people. Don’t trust this dumbass.