911 Singer Working as Intended?


I just unlocked the 911 Singer and I was wondering if the aero is working as intended? Between the huge wheels, wider rear wheel base, huge duck tail, and rear diffusor, I am suspecting that something is off considering the rear likes to slide out around faster corners? I can’t see a 1.8 million dollar car needing any further modifications after what Singer does to them.

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Are you using RWD? You could be wheel spinning.

If you use controller it’s just Forza problem. 911 are among the best cars but you can’t drive them properly in any Forza. It’s not the car but controller steering.

It’s a setup issue by PG that plagues many 911s, McLaren or other RWD rear-heavy cars.
The stock suspension is always way too soft and oversteery leading to the rear sliding under strong weight transfer.
On top of that the Singer is programmed to have very low amounts of downforce through its chassis.
Meaning only the Race tires and the Forza aero provide grip - and that’s not a lot.
My S900 build uses RWD, full rear-aero and no front-aero as well as adjusted suspension. Still, it’s kind of unstable at lower speeds when the rear-aero doesn’t do much and tends to understeer on corner entry at higher speeds when the full rear-aero works. All because the car has awful grip on its own.

Shouldn’t come as a surprise it is on the bottom tier of S900 cars.
Simply another victim of PGs programming…like the Rimac.

It’s mostly for all rear heavy cars but it’s from Forza controller steering helper. It’s the same in every Forza. I don’t think PG did much changes to it.

Since I have played games on the PS1 onwards Porsche cars in games have spun out at the back. Seems to be a common factor.

No, it’s just Forza and a controller. If you want good 911 handling, try Gran Turismo or Assetto Corsa Competizione. Same car, similar physics but completely different handling.

What I find even more frustrating is that in FM7, the '93 911 Leichtbau handles amazing. The Singer 911 uses the same platform (964) yet it is a handling disaster.

That’s interesting, I need to try it.

Every 911 in every racing game ever = lift off throttle snap-oversteer, period. Simply add a race Diff and adjust the accel/decel setttings accordingly and you’ll keep the rear end in line, no other mods needed if you want to “keep it stock” when you’re gaming.

You see, that’s a bit of an issue then. Since IRL, early 911’s (up to the end of production of the air cooled 964) were not snappy with the oversteer, it’s a bit more gradual than that. And if AC and PC2 can get it right, why can’t more arcade like games?

Like I said earlier, the Leichtbau isn’t that way at all in FM7 (which is supposed to be less grippy than FH4) With similar setups, the Singer is a mess when compared. Hell, even the '95 GT2 handles worse in FM7 than the '93 (again, with comparative setups).

Forza has never done rear-heavy cars well, it seems to be a fundamental problem with the game engine. Tends to way overemphasize their handling quirks compared to RL.

It’s still a 964 vandalized dressed as a 901, with way more power than the chassis was supposed to handle. It’s supposed to be a “reimagination” of the classic 911 and it drives like one, no way around it.

Also, it comes with race tires as standard, so it’s already penalized from the get-go, because tire compound costs too much in this game. And you can’t upgrade the engine beyond turbos.

The only use for this car is to drive it the way Singer wants you to: cruising the map.

The Leichtbau has a proper 964 body, complete with whale tail. And it doesn’t have 500 bhp.

This is pure speculation on my part, but consider this. Since the 911’s inception, Porsche has fought valiantly to minimize the car’s drawbacks, such as lift-off oversteer, to the point where the 992 is almost a mid-engined car. The Singer company on the other hand treats these flaws as “quirks”, as something desirable. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual car came out of the backdating process with its feral traits exaggerated compared to a regular 964.

When it comes to the 1995 GT2 next to the 1993 Turbo S, the 964 was made more recently. In FM6, the 911s all handled pretty badly, but the 964 was a DLC car for FM7. It’s possible they got it wrong in the older cars (including 991.2 GT2 RS) and only got around to fixing it in the 1993 Turbo S.

Really crackly sound for me playing with the Singer. Playing on Xbox Series X

With adjustable sway bars and suspension tuning it is an entertaining car to cruise the map with. Most of the oversteer can be tuned out save for the car lightening from cresting a hill. It can really be pushed hard through corners. The tune is 997 308 306. There’s not really any point to this tune other than a RWD porsche that sounds great (for me at least, sorry) to roll around in.

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Op asking about aero yet comments are all about suspension.

It has nothing to do with suspension. Singer Porsche produce no downforce despite its splitter, diffuser and rear lip in game. You need to equip forza aero at it if you want stability at high speed.

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It depends, it’s possible he saw bad controller steering. I like Porsche a lot but it’s not good enough playable in Forza. It was maybe different before M5. I am just testing Motorsport 2 and it looks better.

OK, M2 is the same as other Forzas. It’s just hard to steer on a controller and rear-heavy cars are the most visible ones. Maybe M8 will bring new steering helper.