68 laps out of 69 on Spa and the game just instantly closes.. & other notable bugs

It’s getting rather tiring going all the way through the endurance races only to crash at the end. This happened about a week ago too (Though back then I was getting gradual performance loss to the point of crashing, seemed as if limiting FPS to 60 fixed that). This time, no noticeable performance hiccups, just went around the 1st corner of Spa on the 68th lap and boom, game just closed.

It almost seems as if something causes the game to crash somewhere between 2.0 hours to 3.5 hours of playing.

Other bugs I’ve found are:

Putting a Supercharger/Turbo on a car #1, then buying an identical car (We’ll say car #2) and going to apply the Supercharger/Turbo to car #2 doesn’t work, it’s there as a bought item, though you cannot apply it. This seems to have been a common occurrence in a lot of Forza’s. The particular car used was the 2013 Renault Clio RS 200.

As I’m sure everyone on PC has experienced, if you scroll through the wheel selection fast, the game crashes.

Some times Multiplayer doesn’t work (Cannot actually connect to any of the hoppers) properly which is easily fixed by restarting the game, seems quite a common one for me and I’m doubtful it’s my connection as a quick restart of the game always solves it, without fail.

Notifications of Drivatar Rewards & Tune Rewards also causes severe lag for no explainable reason too, this is whilst in race obviously.

There are other bugs I’ve came across, though I can’t think of them at the moment.

These bugs I’ve found only to be on PC, I haven’t experienced anything like this on XB1… Yet.

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This happens to me alot, I think for PC users they need to compensate us for this tyoe of trouble ive done probably over 100 races with the game crashing my insta closing right before the race ends and setting me back to redoing the whole race or having to do championship races over and over and over.

I just spend 40 mins doing an endurance race to only have the game crash on the last lap… What is the point of playing anymore.

I just updated Windows to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Found here: Download Windows 10 ) and it seems to have gotten over my performance issues, just finished the 69 laps of Spa with no lag and no crash :slight_smile:

I also realised that there is a new Nvidia driver update with specific improvements for Forza 7, so it’s worth seeing if you need to update (Providing you have an Nvidia GPU).

It also seems to have fixed the guaranteed crash when selecting rims (Going through the different styles too fast).