2016 Koenigsegg Regera Details issue

Here is a list of things wrong with the Regera and what it is supposed to be like:

  1. The exhaust and pops come from the battery heat vent/It is supposed to come from the titanium slot exhausts.

  2. The doors have a strange bug that makes it so it’s color is brighter than the rest of the car/Match door color to body color.

  3. Since the Regera is a DirectDrive car, it’s 1 gear only goes forward so it has electric motors right? It uses that to help it up to 60 MP/H but they also are used to allow the car to reverse, it does not use the engine to reverse, reference is how it behaves in NFS Payback.

  4. At low speeds when you’re getting off the line I have noticed the tachometer spazzes out, which doesn’t make sense because as I mentioned earlier it uses the electric motor to get going, so the tachometer should somehow be directly linked to the engine alone.

  5. (Not an issue but a request) Allow to take off the roof of all Koenigseggs in general either in ForzaVista or Freeroam.

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