2002 Lancer FF Bug/Glitch

Ummmm has anyone else noticed there is an 02 Lancer FF (Fast and Furious) that is popping up in career and online? Online when I scroll on the player it shows the 04 Evo. Is there an 02 Lancer FF in the game or what? Is this a bug or something because I bought the Ultimate edition that comes with the FF pack and I dont have it soooooo anyone else have this car/bug/glitch? Thanks For Reading!

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@GhosTxMiDnighT Yeah I’ve been seeing the same thing

Known issue. It’s just a wrongly named car, probably from when some overworked T10 employee had a serious sneezing fit. (I just made up the sneezing part.) (Just in case somebody thinks that was the official answer.) ( :wink: )

Anyone notice that the 04 Evo VIII is incorrectly labeled in the multiplayer lobbies and leaderboards? The current incorrect label is “02 Lancer FF”. I assume they are referring to the Fast and Furious Evo VII, but that car isn’t even in the game.

Think this will be fixed?

I wouldn’t hold your breath as they tend to leave these things how they are.

me too but i make it exacly as the F&F movie add me !!! you will see i make perfect paint and all graph :wink:

look in the community paint i make the identic 2f2f paint job on the lancer