2000rpm converter. 😁

Umm so i found this on my own… By accident messing around on experimental drags.

So i was trying to get a good launch (16 camaro) and i was running 12.5-12.6 by carefully using the gas to reduce tire spin. 60 ft was like .02.4xx

When i accidentally feather the throttle while holding the brake and noticed the rpm settled at 2k then gave it full throttle and rpms stayed at 2k…light turned green and i launched with very little to no tire spin.

Ran a 11.979 & a 60ft was 2.133

Car is a B600 5.1 handling, 8.2 accl not built for drag racing.
I use manual w/clutch. I also noticed that when it stays at 2k rpm and full gas is applied that if you push the clutch button that the rpm stay the same… At 2k rpm.

Normally if you push the clutch the car will rev freely.

Sorry if this is common knowledge in the drag racing community i just thought it was neat i found this out :+1::grin:. I dont drag race.

:thinking:now im curious if i can get a 3k or 4k rpm launch.

:unamused:now that ive messed around with it… Its probably not very useful for drag racing… Since most will use drag tires and you can beat it using the regular method even on street tires tho less consistent.

When I used to “street race”, that was how we launched. We would get almost zero wheel spin when we launched, on non-drag racing surfaces. Check out the following link, I’ve been wanting to start this league up again: Looking to host a Drag Racing Ranking Challenge... - Racer's Lounge - Forza Motorsport Forums

Cool ill check it out.