2 Questions. Answers Appreciated

Dear Community, I have two questions I am hoping you guys could help me with.

  1. After you win a career race in one of the leagues, is there a way to return to the main menu during the post-race menu? I only see restart, leaderboard, continue, etc. Do I have to continue to the next race, wait for the event and track to load, THEN go to the main menu?

  2. Again in career mode, is there a way to tune your car in the Pre-Race menu? Can’t find it anywhere.

pretty sure the short answer for both is no. i’m really missing the ability to tune car in pre race menus

That’s really unfortunate. During the Modern GP races, it kept bothering me how my car, which was tuned for Yas Marina, couldn’t be quickly adjusted for Spa in the Pre-Race Menu. Same goes for all other cars and events, of course. What are players suppose to do, then? Quit the game, tune the car and return to the track? That is horrible!

Restarting a race wouldn’t invalidate the results, would it?

Nope, you’ll keep the results.

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Thanks for the reply!

you can restart and then quit, its faster than loading the next track and then quitting.

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