2 Old 4 Forza is hosting clean lobbies and weekly series racing 25+ age only (2O4F)

2 Old for Forza is a well established racing club with members in both the US and Europe, we have been together almost 10 years hosting casual lobbies and running multiple racing series. We are seeking new drivers in FM6 to make the most of the 24 player lobby.

All skill levels are welcome in any of our casual lobbies and we invite anyone here who is a clean, mature racer (25 years of age minimum no exceptions) to come and join us to see what it is all about.

One of our longest running events is Monday Night Madness. This is a casual lobby night that we have kept around since the inception of 2O4F. We usually we end up running NASCARs in addition to a variety of sprint races in a variety of classes.

Super Normal Tuesdays we start in D class and work our way up to higher classes if everyone can keep it clean. Recently we have been getting up to the P class and have had some excellent close clean racing. This event begins at 9PM EST and features sprint races that are about 12 minutes each.

Wednesday night is series racing with new series every 4 to 6 weeks.

Thursdays is our production build (no tune, no build) Race Car Series, its a 4 week series and features a Pro and a Pro AM class based on skill level. There are 2 races that are about 35 minutes long Race Car Series. Tire wear and Fuel are on, and a pit stop is required.

Sundays features series racing that changes every 4 to 6 weeks. We usually build a set of cars that are all matched and allow minimal tuning. For example, vintage DTM cars, Vintage SCCA Trans Am cars, ect.

We even do a bit of drifting, Oval racing, and there are almost always other members on line for those random lobbies. Check out our facebook page so sign up and get some more info. 25+ years of age only, no exceptions.

Here is a link the the 2 old 4 forza website and forums. Join up and get all the details here!


2O4F facebook page - 2Old4Forza | Facebook

To see footage of our races check out or twitch page here Twitch
Or our youtube page brntguy - YouTube

Here are a few quick links



We had quite a few people post up on fb and join on the lobby. Please send me a fr, and post your gamer tag on our facebook page when you join. We look forward to racing with everyone

It has been great to see new folks come out.vvwe are running tonight from about 8pm to 11pm est tonight. We also have a wednesday and thursday night series that are starting this week. Check out our fb page to join. 2old4forza

I want to join you guys but not through FB i hate it can i not join you guys from here XBL : inmyeyes7

get yourself over to 2old2play.com, and into the forza sections you will find us all there

Hey Guys,

My gamertag is Tunza4010. I race relatively cleanly but will occasionally spin out (I never hit anyone on purpose).

I have no Idea how my drivitar drives. He could be a stooge for all i know :S

I’m pretty new to online racing so don’t have many xbox friends (used to just play carrier but it isn’t very good in FM6 IMO).

I use a racing wheel which adds to the fun :slight_smile:

I just joined your FB page

Hope to see you guys on the track

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the FB page is a great way to connect with us at 2O4F. Id encourage any folks that are interested in running with us to send me a friend request so I can get you into a lobby.

Hi guys,

I’m curious about this group, but can’t find the Facebook page. What is its name there? Or is it a private/hidden page?



Just joined the fb group and added capt nasties to my xbox friends list. Looking forward to racing with everyone!

If you join us on Forums or Facebook, please state in which timezone you live in

I joined up on the 2O2P website and followed the FB page, is there a separate FB page for the Forza group? I’m in CST. I’m new to the game and strive to race clean, though I confess I sometimes run off the track or bump another racer. None of it is intentional and I hope to improve by racing with and emulating other clean racers. I look forward to racing with everyone!

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We had quite a few people post up on fb and join on the lobby. Please send me a fr, and post your gamer tag on our facebook page when you join. We look forward to racing with everyone

i was unable to find the FB page. capt nasties im on your xbl friends list. send invites or whatever whenever please.

*advanced warning: I dont use my mic(personal/medical reasons) so 1v1 party racing isnt a suggested idea unless ya dont mind talking to youself technically and a barrage of msgs as i use my laptop for easy communication on my end.

this goes for anyone else interested, im always willing to race with people just i apologize for the lack of verbal communication :confused: but if theres a party its nice to still be included otherwise its kinda akward

U.K. Jason Iam 29 I use the Logitech g920 and play seat I added you on Facebook but nothin back yet my name on Xbox one is MR COUGHLAN86 plz add me looking for clean raceing in any class but not p or x :grinning:

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I have always played the series ( minus 5 ) and just recently came off a 2 year Gran Turismo 6 addiction. I am still getting used to my new wheel setup and F6 but I respect the track and the other drivers and keep as clean as possible. I sent a request to join the group. Looking forward to seeing you guys out on the track.

thanks to everyone for coming out. we are getting lots of good new members. If you send me a FR I will accept it, but I am not able to keep track of everyone to send invites. So please just join on me if you see me in a race, we are used to people just dropping in our lobbies.

We are now consistently running:

Monday Night Madness from 5EST to about 8 EST. pretty much a free for all with a variety of classes, tracks, and some production racing.
Clean racing Tuesdays 5EST to about 8 EST. Here we start in D class and move up classes if we can keep the racing clean. We made it all the way to P class last week!
Series Racing Wednesday and Thursday. Currently we just completed the vintage trans am Wednesday Series and the spec R class Thursday series has only 1 race left.

We are getting ready to start 2 new series. Information in the updated first post.

I would join in a P racing league…

I have just joined the facebook group. I am cmoon1975 on xbox live and racing from the UK in the GMT time zone. I am not the greatest racer, but I never deliberately ram people or take short cuts (but I am getting sick of people’s driveatars doing it). I never really gone into the on-line stuff but I am looking to give it go when time permits.

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i am like cmoon, i like to race, but hate people who do not want to loose and wreck you, or ram into you going into a corner… so very tired of that… i am in the us, and in the EST time zone…

I’m also a fairly new racer looking for clean racing. Some people have a different opinion on what clean racing is. Do y’all tolerate some light contact or none at all? Any contact I make is accidental especially since I am learning to drive without traction or stability control. My gamertag is my username for this forum.

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