#2 Audi sport quattro s1 paint glitch

Painting a rally livery and the stripes I’ve applied that run from the bonnet all the way to the boot dont aline when in freeroam but when in home or photo mode it looks fine. Any idea how to fix this?

This is the livery im trying to replicate.

not really any way to fix it- if you change them to look right in free roam they’ll look wrong in the other modes.

(I only recently noticed one of the Evos shows the right front door mirrored on the left front door in the paint booth and photo mode, but it looks right in free roam. Several models have these weird glitches, not much you can do about them.)

I see no problem thanks for replying anyways hopefully they patch these annoying little glitches.

There are quite a few cars with paint glitches like this spread throughout the games. Nothing really to do about it other than try and work around it and live with it.