1984 M4S Turbo Interceptor!

Read the specs, check out the pics, can we get this car in game? Show your support!

Dodge M4S
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The Dodge M4S is a prototype sports coupe originally designed and built by Dodge in 1984.

The car was made famous by its appearance in The Wraith, a 1986 supernatural film originally released to 288 theaters in the U.S. and now available on DVD.

The mid-engine car had a top speed of 194.8 miles per hour (313.5 km/h) and could go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in 4.1 seconds, with more than 440 horsepower (330 kW) under the hood using a twin-turbocharged Dodge 2.2 inline four cylinder engine.

Reportedly, there are only four M4S prototypes in existence. Dodge never planned to turn the M4S into a production car.[1] It was used as a marketing vehicle to promote Chrysler Corporation, like being a pace car at various motorsports events.

Turbo Interceptor

Very intresting car! However, you’ll need to post about it in the stickied Forza Horizon 2 Car Wishlist thread. Best of luck with getting the car in the game, I think it’d be cool to see!

Will do, thanks!

I always thought that was a cool car. Enjoyed the movie as well.