1320 cash nights! roll racing and drag racing!


How to sign up:
Message: Twoface IG ON XBOX OR Message: M3TREV on Instagram :calling:
CASH NIGHTS: Everybody Bids. Pots range 25M+

Call outs and list racing rules:

• Any driver can be called out at any time, even before race nights, if someone has an active callout however, they cannot be called out by another driver until that race is complete.
• Drag Racing rules are standard, if you cross you lose, if you jump you lose. First person across the finish line will be called out and determined using a drone at the end of the race track.
• The races will either be held at the Forza Drag Strip finding more areas as of now.
• NO GRIP GLITCH or Traction Control Assists
• If a driver fails to make it to race night, we will move that driver to the bottom of the list to keep people from blocking others on the list. If you miss 2 consecutive race nights you will then fall off the list to make room for other drivers.
•Drivers can switch cars but in order to do so you must pull your current car off the list, and race again in the shark pool

Car Restrictions:

• Car must weigh over 2500 lbs to race on list
• The Car must be a RWD Race car
• Car must be a front engine car
• No V10, V12, 4 Rotor Racing Engine, 3.0L V8 Racing Engine, or 4.5L V8 engine swaps

Banned Cars:
• No Supercars, Hypercars, Extreme Track Toys, or Super GT.
• No duplicate cars (to get a duplicate car on the list, you must call out and beat all the drivers before the placing of the car you are trying to duplicate, then you must win a best 2 out of 3, if you lose before or out of the best 2 out of 3, you must either change cars or try same car the following week.)