Zero Ultimate Pass Skill points awarded on Forza Hub?

Has anyone been awarded Ultimate Pass points on the Forza Hub in this game?

I have had every other stat track my progress on the Hub besides the one for getting Ultimate Passes. I’m still stuck at zero points for it, despite having hundreds of them done in my game stats.

Anyone else with this problem?

Yeah me too! All the other lines are updating regularly but this one is still zero for me.

Same here.

Ok seems to be common enough then, thanks guys. Sure we will see it fixed.

Defo busted.

Yes, I have the same problem!

There was a post saying that driver level and ultimate passes were getting fixed, but for me only driver level started tracking.

For me the driver level only started tracking after I reached superstar status (level 200) and my in-game counter started at level 1 again. So I guess the Forza Rewards page updates only after that. Ultimate Passes are still at 0. Now it’s either glitched or the game itself is glitched, never awarding ultimate passes. Have you ever seen it during a race? Because to be honest I never look up what tricks I get as I go through the field. It’s possible the game never considers passes to be ultimate.


God, yes!

The paths actually do seem narrower, even though they probably aren’t but, because you can’t actually see the road, half the time I’m not banking any skills even though in the moment I’m sure I’m on the road. Also, shouldn’t the flags reflect the actual area where the drift counts? Right now they’re useless.

Gamerscore and ultimate passes still sit at 0 for me. I figure one day it will start working, there have been a lot of times when stuff in the hub app didn’t update for awhile, sometimes months, this is just the latest.