Zero rounds completed in Horizon Arcade

I know, I will be uploading a ticket, I just wanted the community to see this before I do that in case someone else has this issue. There seems to be a bug that happens after completing or failing horizon arcade. The event will end and there speaker will say their thing, but on screen it says “zero rounds completed”, and I get no forzathon points. It’s worse when you realize this can happen if you’ve already completed 2 rounds, and all that work was for waste. Alright, the mod can lock this now. I just wanted to show you guys this. Also, here’s the proof:

It’s a little long, I know, but it shows the bug that happens towards the middle.

They are totaly broken right now.

Not even worth your time trying. Just wait until you see someone writing “Yay, they work finally” on the forums :wink:

Just happened a third time in a row. Hope nobody else is experiencing this except me. I’d hate for people to lose out on rewards. :frowning:

I mostly have the problem of having to try and do them solo.

I was wondering if this was working as intended, because getting zero points for completing multiple rounds but not finishing the entire event is ridiculously harsh, and puts me off even trying.

I had this issue for the first 24 hours after the early release but, sometime on Saturday (maybe Sunday), it was resolved and I started receiving Rewards as well as it ticking off Accolade achievements. Surprised (and ye not surprised at the same time) that it is still happening