"Zepp's Garage" My '70 Buick GSX Build, El Barto's PO Camaro

Welcome to Zepp’s Garage. I’m a long time Forza player, painter, tuner. I will never claim to be the best at anything but I’m pretty good at alot. My favorite part of all the Forza games has always been that you can play how you want. I love running rivals but I’m not all that fast, lol. More than that, I love to build cars that are fun for me. Massive horsepower muscle cars that stay rear wheel drive, aren’t necessarily made to demolish leaderboards but are still good to drive. Be it fast and stable for rivals or career, or drag rivals or with friends online, whatever. I just am not or have ever been a fan of the AWD V12 swapped path. I know its fast, it’s just not my cup of tea.

So the point of this thread…

I want to have a place do talk about different, more off the wall but good tunes that I have or anyone else has built just for them, just for fun. What the tune is, what the build entails, what made you make those choices. There’s some threads out there about building leaderboards or lobby cars but nothing that I’ve seen that are more like what you’d see on those TV shows like Overhaulin’, Kindig, Iron Ressurection, all those custom car shop shows.

I think it would be interesting, fun and probably helpful to somebody somewhere that wants to learn some stuff. Me included. If anybody wants to jump on here and get the ball rolling, have at it. Either tell us about your car or truck, or if you’d prefer, checkout my storefront. If there’s anything that peaks your interest, we can go through it here.

If nobody really digs it and this dies, no worries. I’m gonna keep doing my thing, building and painting what I like with the occasion really good rivals/lobby car! Lol

Thank you for your time!

Well, I’m gonna get the ball rolling here. I figure if anything thing this will be my build journal. It’ll give me something to do while playing, share what little wisdom of tuning and building I have and maybe help somebody somehow. Maybe even got some folks on here that can do more of the same. Either way, on to the first build!

This is one of my favorite cars to just drive around, especially when I’m just cruising around online, or solo, but it’s a capable car for the random forzathon but also capable in most S1900 situations. If you’d like to give it a go, it is shared along with a few other tunes for this car. This tune is “MSS S1 AWD 5.2V8” on my storefront if you’d like to give it a shot without messing with the build.

Lol, this is where I need a publicist! I’m not sure how to post pics, not links with just my phone. Someday I’ll figure it out. Lol For now I have a pic and a little clip of a quick blast in this car on my xbox feed if you’re interested. Sorry for my lack of tech savvy.

S1900 1932 Ford Roadster “Hula Girl”
724hp / 557ft-lb
2045lbs @ 55%


5.2 Coyote V8 swap
AWD conversion

engine - All race except sport flywheel

Chassis - All race except street chassis reinforcement

Drivetrain- All race

Wheels - Race compound
Cragar Smoothies
Front 255/35R16
Rear 305/40R18

Full aero

MY TUNE; very fun, capable car as long as you keep sight of what it is and how you need to drive it. Set the front end into turns with the small front end. Very grippy if you don’t push it too hard, but a rocket ship when you have an opening!

27.5 / 27.5

Gears - this is one of my favorite gear ratios for high powered builds, drag builds and such. I got the beginnings of it from the Rossler website and just tweaked it a little.for Forza.

Final 4.56
1st - 1.91
2nd- 1.41
3rd - 1.11 (on the website, this was always typically 1.00 for 3rd, whether it was a 3 or 4spd. I like having the RPMs kept high for Forza, especially with forced induction.)
4th - .91
5th - .77
6th - .66

Camber, toe and caster-
-2.2 / -1.2
.2 / -.1

ARBs -
33.75 / 31.18

Springs, ride height -
520 / 498
4.5 / 7.6

Rebound, bump -
13.7 / 14.3
9.2 / 8.5

Aero -
220 / 400

40% / 5%
70% / 15%

And there you have it. Any thoughts, feedback or whatever, I’m happy to hear it. Thanks for anybody that took the time!

Another favorite of mine. I find myself cruising around in this car alot. She’s a handful with 1356hp and 1021ftlb of torque, but so fast and capable of holding some serious drifts. Just a very good and in my opinion, an overlooked gem!

S1900 '70 Buick GSX
1356hp / 1021ft-lb
2938lbs @ 54%


7.2 Racing engine
twin turbos

Engine - all race, stock flywheel

Chassis - all race, street chassis reinforcement, drift springs

Driveline - all race, sport driveshaft

Wheels - ADV.1 ADV005MV2.C5
front- 265/45R19
rear - 345/25R19

Aero - full race, stock hood


27.5 / 27

3.56 final

Camber, toe and caster
-2.0 / -1.0
.1 / -.1

33.58 / 31.59

Springs, ride height
625 / 565
6.2 / 6.5

Rebound bump
12 / 11.2
6.0 / 5.0

220 / 440

55% @ 115psi

55% / 35%

There ya have it. I’ve got this shared, along with a drag tune and an offroad AWD version along with a couple paintjobs. Thank you for reading, if you made it this far! As always, I’d welcome any comments or feedback. Stay tuned for my next build journal!

My favorite is Camaro ZL1 PO, used for Forzathon live and as daily driver.
Skinned into The Exorcist
Basically is its max upgraded car with forza aero, stock hood, AWD, but kept supercharged V8 (don’t like the sound of other engines).
No roll cage, but with weight reduction, V8 is upgraded to the max, race drive line, widest tires on 20" Wedssport TC 105 N rims.
It lands in S2 class 994

I run 2 tunes, one with race tires and second with winter/rally and a bit more ground clearance. Because of that, it is then an S2 982.

Chevy Camaro ZL1 PO
7.0 V8 supercharged
742 KW / 1183 Nm
1189 kg / 52%

Tire pressure:
1.7 bar

final 3.0
1st - 2.89
2nd - 1.99
3rd - 1.49
4th - 1.16
5th - 0.94
6th - 0.78

-2.0° / -3.0°
0.3° / 0°

30.57 / 19.19

Springs, ride height
91.9 / 101.9 KGF/MM
13.8 / 11.3 CM

10.4 / 11
4.6 / 4.9

/ 200

61% / 100%

F 50 / 10
R 75 / 50

But for few days now its been taking a lil brake, as Napier-Railton upgraded into A 800 took over as daily driver.

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Thanks for sharing man!