Your favorite FM feature?

Whats your favorite feature thats currently utilized or has been in previous Forza titles?

Mine is the vinyl group editor. Introduced back in FM3 the editor did away with having to create a group on the roof of a larger car like we did in FM1&2. Not only that but it allowed us to use a grid to ensure we are making logos/designs proportional.

Its by far my most favorite feature within Forza Motorsport.

The ban button, excellent feature.

What do you mean everyone doesnt have one of those ?


I don’t mean to make fun of you, but I’m pretty sure only the moderators, Turn 10 staff members, and Snowowl have access to the ban button.

Pretty sure WSD knows this since hes a mod!


Yes, but FerrariFan24 is the Master Moderator so he has a “ban all” button. Now he just needs an “understand sarcasm” button…

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Joke alert!!!


The PI system.

Sounds daft, but Gran Turismo used to annoy me in having no kind of classification system back in the day so I didn’t really know the kind of performance range of my cars. With the PI system, even with its flaws, is brilliant for segregating cars rather than just having basic power/weight stats for classification.


Whens the last time youve played GT?

Gran Turismo 5. I know they have the PP system now but I’m talking about the PS2 games.

The PP system is a far more basic version of the PI system in Forza games - it doesn’t take into account things like brake and aero upgrades just to name 2 (it is basically a HP vs weight system in GT5 and GT6).
Would have to agree - while the PI system has moments where it doesn’t quite get things exactly right it is a very good system compared to many of the alternatives and allows for cars that you wouldn’t normally see pitted against each other in a race together.

-Ahead/Behind indicator on the HUD
-Forza Lemans Hopper in FM4
-Auction house
-Gifting cars
-Cat and Mouse hopper

Gonna get a lot of flak here but the drivatar system.

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3 words…Custom Public Lobbies.

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Gonna be the vinyl editor for me too. It really is Forza’s signature feature and makes for so much unique potential and fantastic new car skins.

FM3 cockpit vue !

I’m an avid circuit racer, but FM4 car soccer was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in any video game. Only in custom public lobbies though, using mainly R class cars and no goal ghosting. B class hopper soccer with goal ghosting on was just horrible. Can’t wait for backwards compatibility so I can play it again. My 360 died or I would still be playing it.

vinyl group editor

The paint feature, whether vinyl editor ala FM3 or just painting in FM2 - I played FM1 but never really delved in to the paint booth. The AH on FM2 allowed me to see some amazing things, then I came to the forums and was totally hooked - as the things I’d thought were amazing before were pretty early designs that had been spammed.

On the forums, there was some whole other level stuff going on & you didn’t have to sit and bid like crazy (most of the time) to try and own a copy - the regulars would have a set price - sometimes 10k, often 500k but it was always worth it. You met loads of great people, people I’m happy to call friends to this day. Always happy to provide advice to someone trying to learn the editor, some times harsh on those that just demanded this painting or that painting - but the community watched it’s own back to a certain extent with less Mod interaction unless something started to get really out of hand.

One of my first paints, I was able to make a list from the replies to my wip thread of 50 people who I was going to sell it to - I took the time to add personalised plates to every one of the 50 cars and managed to hook up with all of them eventually I believe - the SF was a real boon in terms of ease of release but it did make the experience a lot less personal. You got some downloads, some from genuine people who wanted/ liked your paint, others who just wanted to download it, so they could downrate it and get their design back in top rated or whatever.

I’ve only recently got FM5 and like the idea and the thought behind the share front idea - it has a lot of potential but the ease of finding friends designs or just other designs by some one you like really does detract from many of the positives.

I’m rambling a little bit & for that I apologise - I guess I should have just said, I like the paint thingy.

rivals mode, I use it all the time in forza 5 since career mode was bland.

In my opinion the storefront/sharefront system its a system id love to see utilized in other games i.e a Halo map sharefront

Its great it you don’t have the time to paint/tune, it attract and has build a good chunk of this game community and allows people to show off and get rewarded their tuning/painting skills and shine even if they are not the best driver

Plus I tend to try out car after car so the ability to quickly search up a proper tune it super convenient